We provide services for privacy minded individuals, victims of harassment, victims of domestic violence, law enforcement, and public officials.

Personal privacy and security has never been more of an issue than it is today. Many people have realized the privacy threat posed by the major technology companies that use our personal information for their own profit. However, many likely feel powerless to do anything about untangling their lives that these companies have intentionally intertwined themselves into.

The goal of Security Made Simple LLC is to provide privacy and security consulting services. We will work with you to complete the task of untangling your daily life from these technology companies. The ultimate goal for our service is to ensure that you own your own data once again and take back your privacy.

We provide a wide range of services and can customize a solution based on your privacy needs. An example of some of these services are:

  • Assist in providing you a digital privacy and security strategy
  • Protecting your personal cell phones and numbers from data collection
  • Protecting your email addresses from data collection and junk email
  • Untangling your personal data from companies such as Google
  • Removing your personal information from publicly available websites
  • Personal home data server installation
  • Home automation system installation
  • Computer repair / setup
  • Computer services

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We do not provide any investigative services.