Security Made Simple LLC provides privacy and security consulting services designed for everyone. Our goal is to inform and educate each of you by providing understandable explanations and clear options for the protection of your personal privacy in an approachable way. After discussing your communication, internet usage, and desired level of privacy we will be better equipped to make informed recommendations about your personal privacy and security.

Our owner is a law enforcement professional who currently serves his community as a supervisor of the criminal investigations division. The cases he has worked during his 20 years in law enforcement have provided him an extensive understanding of identity theft, financial crime, credit card fraud, phishing scams, internet scams, and those who perpetrate them.  Our owner has specialized training in computer forensics, internet investigations, and several other areas.

Our owner also spend over 20 years involved in freelance computer work. He has repaired systems ravaged by viruses and malware, setup websites, home automation installations, home security and video system installations, provided training and more.

NOTE: The owner’s government employer is not affiliated with Security Made Simple LLC in any way and makes no recommendation, warranty, or guarantee regarding our services.  Security Made Simple LLC does not provide any investigative services.