Privacy is our business and we take your privacy seriously. This document details the information we collect and retain about you, as well as the measures taken to keep it secure.

What we collect:

As part of our initial client meeting and subsequent meetings, we collect detailed personal information in order to create a personal privacy and security strategy for you. This data is collected on a paper, hard copy form at the initial client meeting. This hard copy information is shredded once it is no longer required to provide you services.

We may collect financial information for the purposes of processing payments for services we provide, for third party services we setup on your behalf that you select while providing you consulting services. Financial information for these purposes in not kept on file unless you specifically authorize us to do so.

What data do we retain?

Once each consulting contract has completed, we maintain detailed information of the services provided to you for one (1) year. After one (1) year that data is purged and we only maintain your basic contact information and all invoice information regarding the contract. At your request we will retain user account information regarding your consulting contract as a backup in the event you loose access to this information. All data that we retain is encrypted to insure your privacy.

How we use your information:

Your personal and financial information is not shared with anyone outside of Security Made Simple LLC, except for third party vendors for the purpose of providing you services that you select. We only share this information, with your consent and only share the minimal information required by those third party vendors. Security Made Simple LLC makes every effort to vet and maintain knowledge of third party vendor’s privacy policies; however we can not be responsible for the actions of third party vendors.

How we secure your information:

Electronic client and financial information is encrypted. All backup data from those systems is also encrypted to insure the security of your information. Any hard copy client information is kept in the strictest confidence and shredded once it is is no longer required to provide you services.

Client communication:

At the initial client meeting, we will discuss how to setup basic secure communication. Once this is completed, we will only communicate with our clients using secure, encrypted methods of communication. As a matter of policy, after the initial client meeting, we will not initiate or participate in any method of communication that is not secure and encrypted.

Our website:

Our website (, does not maintain, nor is it connected to any stored client or vendor information. Our site does collect anonymous visitor data in the form of IP addresses, along with corresponding date/time, for the purpose of website security. No user accounts are required and none can be created. Our contact form requests the user provide a name and email address, but this information is not stored on our website server and it never shared with anyone outside of Security Made Simple LLC, except at described above to provide services to our clients.